On the Road in Bavaria Day Seven: Exploring the City of Salzburg

This is Part Seven in a multi-post series about the first roadtrip Jess and I took together. We’ll be heading out for a Southwest roadtrip in five weeks, and will be chronicling our adventures from the road!

Day seven of this trip was the day I had been waiting for – the Sound of Music tour! I’ve already recapped in detail our time on the tour (seriously folks, do it!), so I won’t rehash too much here, but needless to say, getting picked up at your B&B by a dude in lederhosen that looked straight out of the movie’s costume department most definitely set the tone for the tour.

After spending half a day seeing local sights from the movie, we were dropped off at one of its most iconic ones – Mirabell Gardens (aka the infamous Do-Re-Me scene with Maria and the children).

The infamous fountain from the Sound of Music, in Mirabell Gardens

There is so much more to Mirabell Palace and Gardens than just the SOM affiliation. The light was low and air nippy, and it was a perfect fall day for ambling gloomily around the gardens. Jess and I really liked exploring all the different areas of the wooded gardens – they were rife for exploration.

Gloomy – and captivating – Mirabell Gardens

After leaving the gardens, we ran into a protest on healthcare for young adults (we think – the signs were in German, but I speak a bit and this was the focal point of their campaign). That is one thing we have learned on our travels – when in Europe, you will at some point be derailed by a protest!

Salzburg is a large city with a charming small town feel

Churches and cottages fill every nook and cranny in Salzburg

We opted to take a stroll along the river, grabbed some delicious pizza, and stopped at Mozart’s birth house.  We also took some time to visit a pharmacy and get some sleeping pills. After a relaxing cup of tea and a sweet treat, we waited FOREVER for public transportation to get back to our B&B (the protest disrupts plans again!), we opted to take a taxi home.

The gorgeous waterfront!

The birthplace of Mozart

Mozart keeps an eye on his home city

Our time in Salzburg was wonderful, and we’ll be back for sure! Day 8 has us headed towards Munich…

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