On the Road in Bavaria Day Four: Snowbound in the Alps!

JungholzThis is Part Four in a multi-post series about the first roadtrip Jess and I took together. We’ll be heading out for a Southwest roadtrip this fall, and will be chronicling our adventures from the road!

I’ve already recounted a bit of the nightmare in Jungholz (the blizzard that started day three of our Bavarian road trip and didn’t conclude until the morning of day five). But here’s what happened in-between.

Day four started with about half a foot of snow on the ground. We considered how bad the weather might be at Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, but given that the castles were the inspiration for this trip, we didn’t want to miss out. So off we went!


Um, this is not looking good.

Immediately Jess began to think that this was a bad idea. The windy road down the mountain was slick and the truck in front of us had fishtailed out a few times already. With no real guardrail – just a few meager sticks with string attached – and a steep drop down, it was a little concerning. But I’m a hearty New Englander and I drive in the snow all the time, so how bad could it be? (B-A-D)

Once we got the visitor center for the castles, we were told that there was no transportation to Neuschwanstein, and we would need to hike up to the castle if we were to see it. We were disappointed, but figured at least we’ll get to see Hohenschwangau. So we bought our tickets, trekked up the snow covered stairs to the castle and proceeded to wait, shivering in the cold for the tour to start. After what felt like hours, but was most definitely no more than 30 minutes, we abandoned the idea of waiting for the tour and went back to our car.

It was beautiful while it lasted.

Hohenschwangau in the snow

Luckily for us, when we stopped to pick up some tissues, we also had the bright idea to pick up some groceries for lunch. The cheese, fruit, and bread we bought would end up being the only food we had all day – since the restaurants on the mountain were closed for the evening. Our little rental car (barely) made it back up the mountain. We later found out that the innkeeper’s wife got stranded at the bottom of the mountain, so we were lucky to have gotten back to the inn at all!

When we returned to our room, we were cold, wet, hungry, and in a generally bad mood. And it didn’t take long for us to develop a bad case of cabin fever. With a TV signal that came in and out – and eventually lost altogether – we watched bad German TV intermittently, read German tabloids, and went to the breakfast room for some tea before calling it a night and going to bed.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – in German!!!

Luckily for us, day 5 would be infinitely better than day 4!

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6 thoughts on “On the Road in Bavaria Day Four: Snowbound in the Alps!

  1. Ow. That’s awful. Neuschwanstein is a very nice place to check out. I share the same problems on the road in Germany due to snow, but not as bad as you experienced it. We made it to most of our destinations in Europe just fine around Christmas time.
    Another worst travel transport for me was in Rocarasso in Italy. Again, we were fine. We just had to stop to rest areas to apply and re-apply antifreeze and fix our tire chains. But, the other cars, they were all slipping and sliding and stopping to the side.

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