Favorite Photos: Foodie Paradise

chocolate dessert in AustriaIf there’s one thing I love as much as travel, it’s food. (Okay, and cocktails. And wine.) So with today’s #FriFotos theme of “treats”, my mind went to one thing and one thing only: all the delicious meals I’ve enjoyed during my trips! From a solo sushi dinner in Las Vegas, to apple strudel in Austria, to a crisp, cold beer at 9 a.m. on the island of Roatan, food and drink make for some wonderful travel memories.

pork and dumplings in Austria

Traditional dumplings atop one of the Alps in Austria.

rare sesame tuna at the Blue Martini in Naples Florida

Rare sesame tuna on a trip to visit my father in Naples, Florida.

fancy rosebud cocktails at PingPong

Fancy, fruity, and flowery cocktails in London.

Surf and turf on the Carnival Legend

Surf and turf, somewhere in the Western Caribbean aboard the Carnival Legend.

lobster soup from the Sea Baron in Reykjavik, Iceland

A steaming bowl of lobster soup at the Sea Baron in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Apple strudel in Austria

Classic apple strudel in Mondsee, Austria.

glass of wine in Inverness, Scotland

A much-needed glass of wine after a tough travel day in Inverness, Scotland.

tacos from Glen Ellen, California

Hands down, the best tacos I’ve ever tasted—from a truck in Glen Ellen, California.

raspberries, cheese, and speck in Germany

An impromptu picnic with goodies from the Viktualienmarkt in Munich, Germany

beef tenderloin sushi in Vegas

Enjoying a solo dinner of beef tenderloin sushi at the Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spa in Las Vegas.

beer in roatan, honduras

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere—but it was about 9 a.m. when I enjoyed this ice-cold beer on Roatan, Honduras.

sticky toffee meringue

One fabulous treat: sticky toffee meringue in the Cotswolds (UK).

What memorable meals have you enjoyed during your travels? Leave us a comment!

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