Favorite Photos: Schroon Lake

This week’s #frifotos theme is “lakes,” which is appropriate because every summer since I was a small child, I’ve spent summertime visiting family on one of my all-time favorite lakes, Schroon.

Schroon Lake is located in the Adirondack’s of New York and is breathtakingly beautiful. It’s also remote, which is great when you are looking to unplug for a few days. The town is home to the Seagle Music Colony – the oldest summer vocal training program in the United States for opera and musical theatre performers. So if you are looking to do some boating and see a kick ass rendition of La Bohème, this is the place to do it.

I wish I could take credit for these photos, but even though I’ve spent 28+ years at Schroon, I’ve never once taken a picture. Never. But I’m heading up there in 2 weeks to visit my Aunt and Uncle, and I’ll definitely be bringing my camera.

Schroon Lake

Photo credit: Ben Leshchinsky

Photo credit: adirondackcountryhomes.com

Photo credit: adirondackcountryhomes.com

Photo credit: schroonbb.com

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4 thoughts on “Favorite Photos: Schroon Lake

    • Hi Ellie, I agree! I searched high and low for the photographer names, but they were not credited on any of the sites where I found them, and was unsure how to find the original source info, so instead I have applied credit to the websites they are hosted on.

      • Hi Nicole. In that case, you should not use them, because you are violating copyright . Even though other people did it, you shouldn’t. Unfortunately too many people think that because they like something they can use it.

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