On the Road in Bavaria Day Three: Journey to the Ninth Circle of Hell

This is Part Three in a multi-post series about the first roadtrip Jess and I took together. We’ll be heading out for a Southwest roadtrip this fall, and will be chronicling our adventures from the road!

After enjoying yet another amazing German breakfast, Jess and I quickly stopped for a quick photo-op at the town wall of Rothenburg. Up next: Schloss Linderhof and then Jungholz!

We made our way towards Austria, our excitement growing with each passing mile. We were nearing Neuschwanstein, the inspiration for the Disney Castle – and this road trip – and were excited to see the Alps looming on the horizon, although they looked a bit smaller than we anticipated. I have a scary-good sense for detecting snow and about an hour from the Austrian border I gleefully shouted “snowflake,” while Jess nervously questioned where I was seeing the phantom flakes.

We breezed through Oberammergau and stopped to see the famed frescoes of traditional Bavarian themes, fairy tales, and religious scenes painted on homes in town. After a very brief drive through town and quick picnic in the car, we drove on to our destination.

Schloss Linderhof is one of three palaces built by “Mad” King Ludwig II, and was the only one he ever saw completed. We opted to take a tour, and were interested to find that the King modeled this palace on Versailles (it even had a Hall of Mirrors). Unfortunately, due to the weather, we didn’t get to tour the grounds as fully as we would have liked.

Schloss Linderhof, King Ludwig’s smallest palace.

The Fountain at Schloss Linderhof

Once in the Alps, we realized the “mountains” we so gleefully identified earlier were nothing more than foothills, and the real Alps were majestic… and massive.

We were treated to this stunning view on our drive to Jungholz.

Snaking our way up a winding road, climbing higher and higher into the Alps, we noticed that Jungholz was a ghost town (a harbinger of impending doom).

We checked into our guesthouse, made small talk with the innkeeper who had crazy eyes (bad omen #2), and I began my slightly OCD unpacking ritual. Since we were exhausted from our drive, we foolishly chose to spend some time in the room reading and relaxing, instead of heading straight out to tour the infamous fairytale castles of Füssen.

For dinner we opted to eat locally, and were pleasantly surprised with the fantastic meal we had at the Schrofen Hütte. The restaurant had a wonderful lodge-like feel, with wood-paneled walls, printed reindeer curtains, and the nicest bathroom I have ever seen in my life.

I want these for my kitchen.


When we left the restaurant, the air was noticeably chillier than when we arrived (the last sign of what was to come). I remember turning my head to the stars, taking a deep breath, and thinking, yup… snow.

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6 thoughts on “On the Road in Bavaria Day Three: Journey to the Ninth Circle of Hell

  1. Your post on Munich was the inspiration for our recent trip through Europe – I’d love to go back to see much more of what I missed in Bavaria. Absolutely loved it!

    Seeing your pictures of the alps makes me pine to be back there!

    Did you self drive? How did you find it? Tbh that was the most hellish part of our trip

    • We absolutely loved it too! Since returning from this trip 2 years ago, both Jess and I have commented that we need to get back there.

      We did self drive. I drive a manual shift at home, so I offered to do the driving on this trip and I loved it. It was by far the best driving experience we’ve had so far – especially when compared to driving in Scotland and Ireland!

      • Really?! It was my first time driving on the other side of the road but more than that I found Italy just a bitch to drive through full stop – Germany was a bit better but driving through the city was still a little hair raising at times.

      • I thought I would be ok only driving a couple of hours or so every other day but combined with a useless satnav it was stressful – don’t think I’m cut out for the road :)

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